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At times, we all feel a bit ‘stuck-in-a-rut’ or daunted by obstacles, and don’t know what to do next.
At Working Stories, our online, video call-based hypnotherapy and coaching can help you start moving forward again. Taking small steps can lead to big change!

Hypnotherapy and Coaching

Stop Smoking

Fed-up with always quitting the quitting?

Discover how to break the chains of the smoking habit and breathe more easily.

Weight Loss

Frustrated by the ups and downs of diet and weight loss?
Discover the way to lose weight and keep it lost.

Anxiety Reduction

Treading water and feeling frustrated and powerless?
Discover the techniques to overcome and manage your anxiety.

Work-Life Coaching

Are there some areas of your life or work where you feel you could do more?

Discover how you can achieve your goals.

Transition Coaching

Worried about the next big change in your life?

Discover how to plan and transition with ease.

Ageing Coaching

Feeling over the hill and wondering what’s next?

Discover the benefits of being older, wiser and retired.

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We believe that the story of our lives is a work in progress. Sometimes our next chapter goes well; sometimes it doesn’t. Occasionally we are able to write our next chapter; often it is written for us by others or circumstances.
Our best stories are those that we write ourselves!

What’s the difference between Strategic Hypnotherapy and Coaching?

Our approach to both is focused on the individual and their future goals. Whilst a person’s past does have a bearing on their present and future, we do not dwell in the past, but look to move from the present forwards.

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More about Strategic Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis carries with it a range different perceptions. This offering is not the same as Stage Hypnosis, men in top hats with piercing eyes and swirling cloaks. Leave behind your thoughts of being zapped or flipping a switch in your head to change your behaviour. It is also not about other people having power over the vulnerable.  It should also be understood that this style of hypnotherapy is not a power play and that going into a trance is not a sign of weakness.

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Our approach to Coaching

We all lead our lives according to our values, but we don’t necessarily understand what they really are. Our values enable us to make decisions. If our decisions are in line with our values, we are comfortable with them; if not, then we often experience a dis-ease, but are not quite sure why.

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